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When I was in sixth grade at City Park Elementary School in Athens, TN, I got to interview my favorite author by telephone – Madeleine L’Engle! (Thank you to my librarian, Ms. Shelia Rollins, for that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!) When I told Ms. L’Engle I wanted to be a writer, she said, “Good for you! Keep reading and you can do it!” So I try my hardest to pay that sentiment forward at every school I visit. 


I love visiting schools and doing virtual visits. If you’d like to book a visit for your students, please contact my school visit booking agent, the amazing Ellen Shay with School Visit Dot Connector! (You can read more about Ellen, School Visit Dot Connector, and the amazing authors he represents for school visits here.)


If you'd like ideas on how to make a visit to your school affordable or effective, click below.

Visit the PRESENTATIONS tab above for more information on which presentation might be  right for your readers! More information on virtual visits can be found there as well. 


At your school, there is a young reader who wants to write. I hope I have the opportunity to tell that young reader that he or she can do it, too. 

curriculum guides

The 13th Sign discussion guide with Common Core related activities


Selling Hope discussion guide with Common Core related activities


Autumn Winifred Oliver Does Things Different discussion guide

6-second writing tips

You are welcome to watch/use/share/post/forward any of my 6-Second Writing Tips! Educators, feel free to use them in the classroom or online however you like. (I only ask that you link back to this site, if used online. Thanks!) 


And if you do use them, drop me a note to share how? I'd love to hear how/if they are useful. Thank you! I hope you enjoy. 

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