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how to make an author visit effective

The best author visits are a partnership between the hosting school and the visiting author. An effective author visit can inspire and ignite imaginations and encourage goal-setting and achievemtnt. Make the MOST of your visit by trying some or all of the following!

Read the author's books!

This is far and away the easiest and most effective way to boost an author's visit. Students who are familiar with the author and her stories are more engaged, excited, and enthusastic! Read stories and books by the author aloud, and have multiple copies of his/her books available ahead of time. Pre-sales help with this goal, too. 

Invite parents to come!

Parents love to see their kids excited about reading, and they can reinforce the visit by purchasing books and chatting about the messages discussed in the visit. 

Include the visit in newsletters/in broadcasts/on websites!

The more you share YOUR excitement for the visit, the more that excitement will carry over to your students! 

Hang posters around your school!

Hang posters around the school for an extra dose of excitement about the visit. 

Double-check the details!

A week or so before the visit, double-check the details with your visiting author. Remind him/her of dates, times, locations, and any special instructions (like parking information) she might need. It's smart to remind the author of the number of expected attendees and to double-check technology requirements at this time. 

Build in small breaks throughout the day

If your visiting author is doing multiple presentations for you, please remember to build in small 10-15 minute breaks for him/her throughout the day!

Schedule extra events throughout the day!

For your avid readers and budding writers, work with the author to schedule extra events like "Lunch with an Author" or the like. These smaller-group activites are often the most rewarding interacterions of the day!

Have fun!

The day should be informative, instructive and FUN! Spread the excitement and joy, and watch your readers possibly pick up a new book afterwards. There isn't a better reward than that!  

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