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about me



That’s me up there.  I’m basically a dork who would still be going to school if they’d let me.  But they won’t (because weird), so I write fiction instead.  All of the research, none of the quizzes.  It’s heaven! 


I love to hear from readers, teachers, librarians, writers, long-lost friends, friends who aren't long or lost, media personnel, family members, household pets...pretty much everyone!


You are welcome to watch/use/share/post/forward any of my 6-Second Writing Tips!

(And if you do use them, drop me a note to share how? Thanks!)


I am proudly represented by Josh Adams of Adams Literary.


what makes me tick




-the great outdoors



-writing tips and tricks!


what makes me ticked off

-banned books

-the fall forward/spring back time change (yes, BOTH. Sleep is not to be toyed with.)

-not much else! I'm pretty much the eternal optimist.



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